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An all-age, living-faith Christian community - English speaking - between Marbella and Gibraltar

Christ's love underpins this church and we guarantee to welcome you wherever you are on your journey

The Church of England's Diocese in Europe WORKING with the UK Methodist church
The Church of England
The Methodist Church

Sunday 7th July

 San Pedro 9am (NOTE CHANGE IN TIME)

Holy Communion

Sotogrande midday Methodist with communion


Growing faith


Whether you are trying to find out what Christ has to do with your life and lifestyle, or whether you have discovered a real abundant living because Christ jouney's with you, day to day, there are moments when it is good to learn or re-learn what kind of God we know and love.  God is a God of justice but, simultaneously, one of unconditional love.  So learning about God, in a Christian Church, is the same as learning about love.


If you would like to talk about your faith journey - one-to-one, then have a word with the Chaplain. 


If you would like to join a group that learns about the faith, from the start - have a look at the Introduction to Christianity course.  If you need to build up your faith after a crisis, have a look at Blooming Awkward Questions.  If you want, simply, to grow with God, then have a look at the other courses and join a Glimpse Group.


The aim is to cater for all needs.  Growing in faith keeps you young!


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