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The Church of England ~  Serving the Spanish coast from Algeciras to Marbella   ~    ~  English Anglican/Episcopal churches on the Costa del Sol West   ~ The Methodist Church
The Church of England's Diocese in Europe collaborating with the UK Methodist church
SUNDAY 23rd July
10am San Pedro Anglican Communion
12pm Sotogrande Anglican Communion

Chaplaincy Council


  • The Chaplaincy Council consists 9 lay members, two church wardens, two representatives to the Archdeaconry Synod, and the Chaplain, plus any co-opted members.  This is the group which plans for the future and seeks to lead the chaplaincy in the direction that God has in mind for us.  If you are thinking that you could contribute to this, then the chances are that God is calling you to do so.  It would be worth talking with one of the members to understand what goes on.  The next elections will take place in April 2018

  • The church wardens are elected (and may be re-elected every year at the Church AGM which happens on the last Sunday in April).  The representatives to the Synod are elected (and may be re-elected) every three years (next time is 2020).  One third of the nine lay members are elected (and may be re-elected) every year.  The term of service prior to a break of a year is six years (with the exception of serving officers).
  • The Council meets once a quarter at 10.30am on the second Saturday of March, June, September and December. 

  • There are three other teams: Social and Fundraising Team, Ministry Team and Pastoral Team.
Chaplaincy Council Ministry Team Pastoral Team Social and Fundraising Team Wardens
Revd. Adrian Low, (Chair) ƿ
Sian Hoskin (Secretary)
Patricia Gommersall (warden) ƿ
Christine Sabio (warden)
Rosalind Scott-Gibb (synod) ƿ
Joanna Low (synod ) ƿ
Sarah Wall (Treasurer) ƿ
Caroline Rennuy (Ast.Treasurer)
Kevin Metcalf
Denise Wing
Helen Deegan ƿ
Lisa Michaelson ƿ
Jean Kerr-hill ƿ
Lorenzo Wilkendorf
Joan Thompson (co-option) ƿ

Christine Sabio (Sotogrande)

Patricia Gommersall (San Pedro)


Assistant Wardens

Jean Kerr-hill ƿ

Joanna Low ƿ

Lorenzo Wilkendorf

Helen Kaye ƿ

Penny Hale


KEY : Sotogrande based, ƿ : San Pedro based.


.Minutes of meeting are available for church members.  Click here for access (password is required)




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